Skippers Notice

Important notice to all skippers and anglers

Please be aware of the safety rules for fishing contests held by the Bowentown Boating and Sports Fishing Club (Inc) (BBSFC)

  1. It is the skipper’s responsibility to advise his/her crew of the information given on safety rules, weather and sea conditions, and any other rules of the club.
  2. All anglers must have correctly sized and suitable life jackets available on their boat and ready for use. BBSFC recommends that life jackets be worn at all occasions and especially when crossing the Bowentown and Tauranga bars, or any other bar.
  3. All vessel skippers must submit a trip report to Waihi Beach Coast Guard upon entering and leaving the water and if intending to move outside the area of their trip report during the day.
  4. In the event of an emergency on the water, participants are to notify Waihi Beach Volunteer Coast Guard on VHF Channel 07 according to normal emergency radio protocol.
  5. All participants agree and accept:
    1. That they enter this tournament at their own risk.
    2. That boating and fishing involve hazardous risks.
    3. That they will not hold tournament organizers officials sponsors or any other person involved with the tournament liable for any loss or injury to persons or equipment incurred during the tournament.
  6. All rules must be read and signed as a condition of entry to this tournament. Where appropriate this also applies to land-based anglers.
  7. The BBSFC (Inc) Fishing Committee do not condone drinking alcohol or the use of drugs while on the water.
  8. BBSFC (Inc) require you to complete the details below, with your signature, boat name and ticket number. ( For land-based fishing your ticket number and signature will suffice. )
  9. Failure to complete these details correctly will result in ineligibility to enter this competition.